Accademia Italiana della Cucina

We are proud to announce that Bellini has joined the select global society of the Accademia Italiana della cucina, a non-profit organisation that strives to safeguard the traditions of Italian cuisine. The only way restaurants can receive this honour is if a local delegate proposes admission and no requests for membership can be made. After cooking for twenty of the Academia’s members(via an anonymous recommendation) Bellin has been invited to join the Accademia.

Extract from the articles of association of the Accademia Italiana della cucina.

The academia was founded on 29 July 1953 by Orio Vergani and a number of other writers, journalists and publishers and has been recognised as an ‘’Istituzione Cultura della repubblica Italiana’ since August 2003. The objective is to safeguard the traditions of the Italian kitchen by promoting and, if necessary, supporting its improvement in Italy and abroad.

General information on the Accademia Italiana della cucina.

The headquarters are in Milan and the current president is Prof.Dr.Giuseppe Dell ‘Osso. There are more than 170 delegations in Italy and over 55 in the rest of the world, including in North and South America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and many countries in Europe. There are more than 6000 Academicians.

Activities of a delegation.

Between September and June special meetings are set up between the Accademicians and a Delegate at least once every two months. These meetings have a cultural and/or gastronomic character and can be assigned to the different Academicans by the Delegate. At the meetings the Academicans or an outsider clarify the special features of the restaurant concerned in terms of the region, the culture and the tradition of the objectives of th Accademica. The meetings begin and end with ringing the Delegation bell, while the attending Academicans judge and anonymously evaluate the foods and drinks. The assessments can be passed on through or by the Delegate to the offices in Milan who will ensure they are included in the monthly magazine L’Accademia. Delegates can suggest the inclusion of certain restaurants in their region in the Guida ai Ristoranti d ‘Italiana.