Bellini; The best kept Italian secret of Amsterdam

Foto van de inrichting van Italiaans restaurant Belllini

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Amsterdam’s top drawer Bellini restaurant wants its guests to enjoy exclusive lunches and dinners.

AMSTERDAM/BUITENVELDERT - The reviews are full of praise. Johannes van Dam, the established critic from het Parool, even used the grade 9+ after eating at Bellini. De Telegraaf also spoke with lauditory words about the Italian restaurant.

Owner Nino Triolo wants his guests to enjoy the finest possible Italian lunches and dinners and Triolo is proud to report that, in the fall, Bellini will get a mention in the Michelin Guide for the Benelux. Nino and his team do it different than the others, and are there- fore always searching for special places to get the right products. Throughout Italy, unique and beautiful products are being made and imported especially for Bellini though special relationships and Nino says that “even in Holland, we get our products from the best suppliers.” Nino describes the restaurant as “passionate” and says that “our personnel know a lot about their craft and you can see that in our dishes.”

Bellini only buys the best, and its owner says “we use fifteen different kinds of herbs and spices; organic cheeses, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and butter; at least ten sorts of Italian salad; homemade desserts and specialised wines unique to every price class.”

The Italian restaurateur explains the lunch: “we have a lunch menu that is interestingly priced, healthy and diverse, as well as a changing monthly menu. You can choose, among other things, for antipasta, salads, pastas and main courses.” The restaurant is also known for its broad dinner menu with special dishes. “There are a lot of unique secret family recipes brimming with originality can only be found in this restaurant,” says Nino. Examples include fresh orange pasta prepared in an orange-saffron sauce filled with scallops and shrimp, garnished with Italian Fasolare mussels (or clams). Or, there is tomino cheese from Piemonte, mountain cheese covered with fig sausage, marinated chicken, spring onions and grana padano cheese.” There are also seasonal wild game specialities, of course. Nino says “there’s fillet of hare prepared in a mustard appel syrup sauce served with fresh prunes.” Plus, there are also specialities that aren’t on the menu. We import our own truffles, truffle oils, olive oils, cheeses, bonbons and mushrooms. Even the coffee and tea are varied. “We have Illy coffee, the best coffee there is and 48 kinds of quality tea, served with imported Italian bonbons and soft peppermint kisses.”

Despite the passion that emanates from the team at Bellini, the atmosphere stays pleasent and agreable. “It’s romantic, atmospheric and warm, and that’s what we want to create,” says Nino, “we have different sorts of grappa and it is actually our motto to bring something new into the assortment every month. Bellini has to stay surprising 365 days a year.” Bellini is a hidden pear in Buitenveldert, but “eighty percent of our customers come regularly. We’re always nice and busy in the evening and now we want to let people into the Italian kitchen in the afternoon as well.” Manager Pier-Giorgo Prosdocimi says that “we have an Italian kitchen with wonderful meals and here, you will see what good Italian food is,” thanks to checf Antonio Delgiudice. Nino Triolo sums it up: “every visitor is an honoured guest.”

Free parking, large terrace, catering, lunch and diner.

Since March 2011 Bellini is recognized by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, this organisation strives to promote and keep the traditional Italian kitchen alive. Membership is acquired by invitation only. The Accademia Italiano della Cucina is a non-profit organisation